Dogs On Deck


At Bender’s, we like having good times, preferably with our four-legged friends by our sides. There’s no better place to stop during a dog walk than Bender’s, home of the dog-friendliest patio in Westminster. We’ll not only serve you our award-winning food and a cold brew or two, we’ll have water and treats waiting for your furry friend. We’ve hosted so many doggies on our patio, we’ve come to know them to name. And they come in all shapes and sizes. Brutus the British Mastiff is 270 pounds of cuddly. No really, we’re not making this up. Brutus was the largest participant at the Mastiff show at the Westin and his owners decided to stop by Bender’s to chill out and introduce him to everyone. Then there’s Jackson, whose two loves in life are treats at Bender’s and, judging from the bandana he wears, the Green Bay Packers. Oh, and let’s not forget Montezuma, the Bernese Mountain dog who shows up on Bender’s patio the moment the weather turns warm. Montezuma set the unofficial Bender’s treats record one Saturday by inhaling almost half a bag of goodies. The bottom line? We love doggies at Bender’s. If you’re looking for the best place to walk your pooch, take a stroll through City Park, located on the other side of the Westin, then stop by Bender’s for some quality people time on our patio. And if it’s a hint of fall or spring in the air, you can warm your feet next to our signature fire pit. Oh, one last thing. After having a great time with your furry friend on our patio, tell your friends about us. The more dogs the merrier at Bender’s!